An Introduction to the ECC
The ECC is a collaborative effort between PMI chapters in Europe
The European Chapter Collaboration (ECC) is an initiative that allows PMI chapters in Europe to come together and leverage each other's efforts and expertise. After years of friendly coexistence, chapter leaders across Europe came to the realization that they were working on similar projects in isolation and that a unified approach would benefit the chapter leaders, their members, and other stakeholders. The ECC will allow chapters to minimize efforts and to maximize benefits.

From a structural point of view the ECC follows a simple governance model (see illustration below). Each participating chapter provides an ECC liaison whose role it is to connect their chapter to the European Chapter Collaboration's Implementation Team (ECC IT).
ECC liaisons can propose projects on behalf of their chapter, provided that they meet the project criteria in terms of benefits and support. They also serve as contact person for their respective chapter.
The ECC IT is made up of 4 sub-regional Liaisons (in accordance with PMI's European sub regions), a shadow region mentor and a chapter partner. The role of the implementation team is to facilitate project based work, recruiting chapters for proposed projects and to communicate around ECC activities.
The ECC is also supported by the region mentors and PMI Europe office staff.

Graph: ECC Governance at a glance
Participating Chapters
The following PMI Chapters have chosen to participate in the European Chapter Collaboration
Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a recommendation for an ECC Liaison role?
- It is recommend that ECC Chapter Liaisons should not be the president of the chapter, but rather past board member etc or a volunteer in good standing who is interested in international experiences, because we need people who will push the ECC projects to the next level.

2. How many chapters can participate in a ECC project/initiative?
- Three or more chapters and it is preferable that chapters from different countries would be involved.

3. Who would be a product owner of ECC products/services?
- Chapter's representatives.

4. Who is responsible for providing monthly project updates?
- Project managers of ECC projects.

5. When are meetings for ECC Liaisons and ECC Project managers at the EMEA LIM or Region 8 Meeting?
- Usually the ECC sessions take place on the first day of the EMEA LIM and Region 8 Meeting.

6. How to find volunteers for ECC projects?
- By providing proposals and/or requests to your Sub-region's Liaison, and also VRMS.

7. What kind if communication is established for ECC Liaisons?
- Monthly newsletters, monthly conference calls, meetings at LIM R8, status meetings for ECC projects, whatsup group etc.

8. Is it mandatory to use ECC logo for ECC projects and products?
- For the database Yes, a special logo was developed for ECC activities and, please, use this logo for ECC procedures and outputs (templates in the Google Drive folder).

9. How may one measure ECC projects status and demonstrate their success, value and impact?
- According to ECC project proposals and plans.
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